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Ken Loach's cinema is often perceived only as an expression of certain ideological beliefs. So much for him even his Michal Rosa in an interview Keywords Characters Videos. For many viewers the characters Loach to the extent they are subordinate to the social structure and economic transformations that actually lose any ability to control their own lives. The fact that they are opinions simplified and the British director is able to drop the class corset and focus primarily on the form, a particular man, the best you can to persuade watching his latest film "The Wind That Shakes the Barley". Loach already has a trip into the past. In the film "Land and Freedom" abandoned workers' districts of modern cities and talked about civil war engulfed Spain. This time, called the events more sensitive for the British, showing the beginnings of the civil war in Ireland 20's. Damien (Cillian Murphy) is a great promising young doctor. We have to start working in a hospital in the capital of the United Kingdom. Often she is seen atrocities of British troops to the Irish people, but armed resistance, which advocates for his brother Teddy (Padraic Delaney), considers madness. Something in it crack, when at the railway station is witnessing the brutal beating of the driver, who refused to carry armed branch of the British. Damien seen as the last wagon train to London disappears around a corner, then puts on a medical bag and joined the IRA. Accusations of lack of patriotism, hatred of their own country, widely understood "antybrytyjskość" were probably inevitable. Too painful a subject to talk about it without emotion. Defenders of the director pointed out, however, that on both sides of the conflict appeared both meanness and nobility. Among the Brits get a decent soldiers in the ranks of the IRA was a place for scoundrels and hypocrites. Although this is an important argument, it does not tell the whole truth about the film, as in "The Wind buszującym the Barley" is most striking about the vast refusal to operate any categories of agreements. There is no "Brits" - is sadistic, mustachioed sergeant. There is no national traitors matter - they are until recently, comrades, who after the settlement with the government in London made this, and no other choice. Warrant the inclusion of a loved one - a neighbor, a colleague - a broad category to which they belong enemies en bloc, it is the greatest tragedy for the heroes of this story. Loach familiar with the earlier films may leave the theater surprised, perhaps also a bit disappointed. Bard of the working class abandons the dingy pubs, badly lit subway stations, cramped cubicle? Penalty us to admire the raw beauty of nature Irish? Attempts to invoke an easy emotion, serving tailored according to Hollywood standards, the story of a fratricidal fight? There is no denying that "The Wind That Shakes the Barley" will also resonated among those viewers who up to now cinema Loach completely not interested. It is difficult to do with this allegation. What's more, when you look more closely delineated on the screen of conflict attitudes you can clearly see how much this film different from the historical performances based on strong oppositions. When the Americans talked about Pearl Harbor, Ben Affleck was the embodiment of dreams, life aspirations and sense of duty that has become the participation of all American boys. Why a squad of soldiers risked their lives to rescue a lone private? Ryan, what is clearly said, symbolizes the sons of all American mothers. Meanwhile, played by Cillian Murphy, Damien is http://www.transportrybnik.pl first and foremost someone's boyfriend, brother, friend. When waives those roles, he loses. When instead of defending their loved ones begins to defend a just cause, it can be a martyr, but in fact is finished. The real heroes of this film are the ones who are responsible to all the arguments simply: "I will not shoot at friends'. Does anyone still believe that in the case of Loach we are dealing with a primitive Marxist?

maandag 06 juli 2015 00:21

Greg Mottola is responsible for directing the comedy Superbad, humor, keeping pace with extremely wyszukanemu, kultowemu in some circles Movie - American Pie. And that Superbad sold well, no wonder that on the posters was decided to rely on his person. Fortunately, Adventureland, this film a lot less bluff, but intimate and simply - although it sounds - nice. In its storyline is based on sentiment for the good old days - to his student days: party filmy until morning, first love, summer job and the old, good music! It is the year 1987. The main character, James (known to a wider audience recently with Social Network - Jesse Eisenberg) has just graduated from college. What matters now for a relaxing holiday in Europe, but instead of joyful surprise from her parents gets pretty nasty message - about the trip does not have to dream, at least for now. At home in fact not poured, and my father had just been demoted. Disappointed James, at the urging of parents, finds a part-time job in the title theme park. It was there that establish many contacts that may prove to be more than just a holiday knowledge. Right away, though reluctantly, he comes to his aid Joel (Martin Starr), not very sympathetic, but it is extremely familiar young man. James also befriends Emily (Kristen Stewart), which eventually begins to feel more and more sympathy. Unfortunately, the affair with an older, probably by half, married hunk Mike (Ryan Reynolds). For this girl has family problems. Hackneyed, but how true - he hates his stepmother. Not very seductive, but sensitive boy, despite all attempts to conquer her heart. You should not expect from this film that trigger attacks of laughter. The humor is in the extremely subtle, and certainly when we compare it to Superbad. Not without several recitals with marijuana in the background (eg. Cookie with grass), but instead of being intrusive, create an atmosphere. A form of very fit under the age of 80 - are natural, characteristically relaxed, nohow are native to the artificiality of the films Apatow. I must admit that recreate the idyllic days of adolescents developers came without complaint. Domówki in the absence of parents, visits to the bar, meet friends, holidays - all of us have a fondness for similar memories. And yet, when we add the hits Crowded House, The Cure, Velvet Underground ... I do not want to unnecessarily rise lament that now, after such a cliché, but in the era of Bieber, the heart of a country with a longing for the performers of the late 70s and 80s. What else is worth noting adventures in Wonderland? For the actors. They do not overthrow their skills, and none of them have made outstanding creations, but curiosity is in my opinion the fact that both Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart have already gained more fame after playing in the film. It is possible that this was one of the last, where filming would not have to feel hemmed in by fans or intrusive photographers. Jesse is now an actor still young learners, but appreciated. With the famous David Fincher's The Social Network before he writes his name now nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award and Critics nod appreciatively. Similarly interesting case is that Miss Stewart, who is becoming more and more celebrity for her role as Bella Swan in the cash book Twilight Saga screen versions. Now is a person both adored and hated. And here probably I surprise most readers of this review: in my opinion, in the Land of ... came out really well. Maybe even best? It is most grateful female character in the film, her natural way of being Emily adds a lot of charm. In summary, Adventureland will not be the funniest film that will be given to you to see. This is not the kind of comedy that entertains to tears and causes stomach cramps. Can elicit at most a smile on your face, it's possible that bittersweet. If I had to compare the climate for other productions, to swap 500 days of love, Juno, or even Zombieland (otherwise also from Eisenberg). The subject is of course quite different, but I think they share a certain intimacy and discovery theme each other in the early years of our lives. Who is not looking for a similar entertainment, no need to resort to Adventureland. However, if you want, dear moviegoer, for something light and pleasant, in a house long evening, I advise you turn on the film.

vrijdag 03 juli 2015 11:45

American films much you can lately fault. Ready attract foreign materials actually copying the storyline other productions and serve share of predictable, almost always built on the same fashion. And even though Mirrors Slaughter Is the Best Medicine caly film a remake of an Asian, his Die Schwarzen Brüder ogladaj online story does not impress originality, it still deserves praise. The Karaman film online tells the story of Ben Carson (Kiefer Sutherland), who was a policeman and retired from the service After caly film the shooting, in which his fault killed several innocent people. After this incident fell into alcoholism and depression deepening and decided Pressure film online to temporarily leave his family and live with my sister. To get to his feet, started a new job - he is to be a bodyguard after a fire ruined the building, which in its heyday was the exclusive shop. Work does not seems to be difficult - in fact, Ben has nothing to watch, because in the ashes excellent condition present only a huge mirrors, which from the beginning of intrigue him. And it is precisely by not going gets tough. The biggest advantage of the Kanimambo caly film is undoubtedly its climate - the viewer is drawn into the terrible history almost from the first scenes, which from the beginning intensifies fear. Also nierealistyczno-horror Buddha 2: Tezuka Osamu no Buddha: Owarinaki Tabi film online convention is outlined from the beginning - we know that we have to deal with unreal powers of the underworld. What is an interesting thing, these powers do not show your power in vain - their job is to bring his sacrifice on the trail of the mystery that demands unravel. Mirrors have a demonic Gypsy Spirit film online that must bridle, to find out what they want. It is these silver surfaces, everyday objects become an element of horror, entity, something that has power Over the Hills and Far Away online human life and calls for revenge. Mirrors show a different reality, a world built on a different plane, which exists in parallel to our world. Ben, an alcoholic and a psycho, he must prove to the world that precisely this is the truth. At the beginning he did not want to believe what was happening around him and explains this state of his mental illness and nervous breakdown. With the death of another person close to him, however, he begins to operate, penetrate into force of mirrors and submit to 37 caly film them - for only thus being able to save his family. So We Are Your Friends online have Chemia online what we really in the movies we have had enough - full dedication units, the hero of our times, in the name of higher values ​​and lives of people dear to him. It is difficult to assess the Olipporu caly film because of the predictability - on the one hand, it is a simple thriller, in which at the end and so everything goes relatively well, and the main character solve the seemingly insoluble puzzle. On the other on this image consists of unconventional plot, in which the mirror shape share, and the dose will not be a surprise to us that the end of received. Certain motifs (taken straight from the movies Asia) dokoloryzowane American detailing provide an effective whole, which builds the atmosphere. Of course, we should also mention some niedoróbkach. For example, you'll find here a few scenes that rather than frighten, amuse the viewer - like the one where the main character bursts into the monastery after a nun or a rural scene with a strange boy, whose L.A. Raeven. Wiecej niz sztuka online mere sight triggers a volley of laughter. For Au cas où je n'aurais pas la palme d'or film online this too detailed to focus on the history of the building may bore the viewer experience-hungry. However, the biggest mistake and the weakest Salla sprzedaje cisze film online was in my opinion scenes from the comic-pathetic attack a computer to the ground poczwary. Its unreality and clearly adding her character to scenes filmed almost embarrassingly fell. It must be said that this is not a top-flight movie. He received a high note with me for the atmosphere and the fast-paced action strictly defined by regulations, the fulfillment of a mysterious mission. The game was even the main character good, that saved a little comical scenes that probably resulted from the desire to create the image more commercial than giving room for reflection. And as the movie just such a - purely entertaining and make your way light - Mirrors acquitted even good.

dinsdag 30 juni 2015 01:30

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